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The Dealing with Hepatitis

Hepatitis C, much like the other kinds, is a serious disease that will take a real toll on your health and wellness . It can be transmitted via blood, and one of the most common ways of catching it is by sharing contaminated hypodermic needles during drug use. It just needs one dirty needle to change your life forever.

Other methods of transmission are to a child from its mother during childbirth, or having sex with a partner who has it, the risk of which increases if you have sex with multiple partners.

You can catch Hepatitis C by sharing razors, nail clippers, eating utensils, and other personal items with a person who has it. However, just touching, being near or living with someone who has it will not infect you.

The frightening thing about Hepatitis C is the fact that the vast majority of those infected by it don’t actually know that they have it. This is because symptoms of infection don’t always manifest, and may never, while if they do manifest, it might not be until decades after the infection actually occurred.

By this time the liver may already be severely damaged, and no number of good intentions, nutritional supplements, and exercise regimes will help. A chronic case of hepatitis C can lead to cirrhosis of the liver in which the liver's healthy tissue is replaced by tough fibrous tissue, and the liver begins to fail and becomes unable to perform its function.

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